Adjustable 11 inch magic arm with 15mm rod clamp.

A  highly adjustable and robust magic arm for mounting accessories on 15mm rods.

The Lanparte MA-01 magic arm is one of the first products that Lanparte released. This magic arm features a 1/4 thread for accessory and a clamp for mounting the magic arm of two 15mm rods. Just like other magic arms on the market, all of the joints become locked when one wing screw is tightened. For more stability and from product research in the past, the joints are not simply fixed by friction (which can get loose after some time) but are reinforced by some sort of gearing. You can feel and hear these gears when trying to rotate the arm while it is not locked.

These gears have raised the realibility of the arm, allowing it to carry a higher payload than compareable arms on the market. The whole arm is made from anodized aluminium, while the joints are made from steel. Mounting on 15mm rods is done using the MAC-01 clamp. The arm can not be removed from the MAC-01 adapter without applying a lot of force (it is supposed to be like that).

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max. length: approx. 28 cm / 11 inch
payload: max. 2 kg (when not fully extended)
weight: approx. 320 grams