Robust base plate with height adjustable 15mm rod support.

The BP-02b base plate from Lanparte is one of the best base plate solutions you can get to mount your rig on.

The base plate is full metal, super sturdy and offers several important features. It comes with the Lanparte click on quick release plate system which gives you the abillity to mount and dismount your camera very quickly by simply pulling it to the top, without the need to slide the quick release plate to the front or back. The locking mechanism is a lever which keeps your camera in place, even when held upside down.

The integrated rod support is suitable for 15mm rods and can be adjusted in height. Each rod is fixed at two points, thus making the base plate a really sturdy base for serious rig building. Both rods are made from aluminium, 300mm in length (aprox. 12 inch) and have a M12 threading on each end which can be used to extend the rods with fitting Lanparte rod screws (two included).

You can mount the base plate on any tripod with 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch screws. A bubble level on top of the base plate will give you a rough idea on how to adjust the tripod to get a good horizontal level.

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dimensions: approx. 140 x 105 x 70 mm (without rods)
weight: approx. 580 grams (without rods)