Compact cage with rod support for BMPCC.

Put your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera into a cage that will give you more sturdiness and more spots to mount your accessory.

The BMPCC-01 camera cage is a fitting solution for the BMPCC. During developement, the cage was aimed at providung maximum versatility while staying as compact as possible. The final product can be easily called an exoskeleton, as it literally wraps around the camera, providing more functions and taking away drawbacks.

The whole cage is made from anodized aluminium. The bottom part of the frames has an indentation which perfectly aligns with the bottom part of the BMPCC. This is a great anti twist solution for the camera, because it really helps keeping the camera in place, preventing rotation or movement while a follow focus is used. For best results, it is recommended to fix the camera using the bottom and top thread (which is possible with the BMPCC-01 cage).

Every button and every cover remains accessible. You will be able to see what's on the screen and you will be able to swap batteries or memory cards. Chaning lenses is pretty easy as well, as there is a lot of space available around that spot. The connectors on the left side of the camera can be accessed easily, too. A locking system for the connectors is not part of the cage.

The built in rod support can be equipped with 15mm rods. There are two aluminium rods already included in the kit. These rods can be extended by using more Lanparte rods, thus making it possible to upgrade the cage to a full sized rig. The height adjustment of the rod support is not stepless, which is an advantage in some way, because this makes it very robust. Another rod support is available on the top of the cage, next to the carry-around-handle that can be twisted by 180 degrees when the green button is pressed. The rod support here can be used with only one rod and is in fact supposed to be used with an evf or a field monitor. The whole idea is pretty simple, yet very effective and sturdy.

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dimensions: approx. 300 x 200 x 215 mm
weight: approx. 750 grams