DSLR Cinema Bundle

Camera cage for Video-DSLR.

A Lanparte kit that is designated for tripod use. The DSLR Cinema Bundle is a professional camera cage that offers several features which will come in handy during any professional and non-professional video shoot.

The cage kit consists of the BP-02b baseplate, the FF-02 follow focus, the MB-01 matte box, the CA-01 c-shaped connection bracket and a top handle called TH-01. The kit can be used with nearly any DSLR and compact digital film camera, as long as the height stays below 190mm. Cameras with battery grips will most likely not fit this cage because of their exceptional height.

The matte box and the base plate, both are equipped with a height adjustable 15mm rod support. By using this feature, you can make sure that the cameras lens will stay in the center of the matte box, thus giving you perfect results when using filters (especially graduated ones). The matte box features a very handy swing away system which makes changing lenses very easy and quick. You just have to pull up a lever to unlock the mechanism if you want to swing the housing to the side. When bringing the housing back in position, you will hear a clicking sound once the mechanism is locked again. The donuts on the back of the matte box can be switched pretty easy as well. There is a socket where the donut is placed inside. It can be removed by simply pulling it off the matte box. Reattaching works the same way, by pushing it back on. Tools are not required for this, but can be used for tuning the locking mechanism (loosing or tightening). Both filter trays are designed for 4x4 broadcast industry filters. While one of the filter trays is locked, the other one can be rotated by 180 degrees.

The FF-02 follow focus is the perfect tool for precise focusing. The gear box is dampened and makes smooth focus transitions an easy task. The attached gear wheel works fit mod 0.8 lenses and can even be used with photo lenses that have no gearing at all. For these lenses, there is a flexible gear belt included that can be wrapped around the focus ring. Two adjustable hard stops can be used to limit the focusing path between two points for exact transitions. If a focus puller is in the team, he or she can rely on the white marker ring that can be taken off for cleaning, if required.

The rest of the cage is solid metal work. The base plate has a the Lanparte click on quick release plate for super easy mounting and removing of the camera. With the threads below, it can be mounted on any tripod had using a 1/4" or 3/8" screw (or both). The c-shaped CA-01 c-bracket is height adjustable and can be flipped to the side for easy camera access. It features a 15mm rod support on the top, where the TH-01 top handle can be attached. You can mount additional accessories here as well, as there is a cold shoe adapter available.

The DSLR Cinema Bundle can be upgraded to a full sized rig if required. All you would need are handles and a shoulder support. It also possible to mount a power supply system as there is a lot of space available.

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dimensions: approx. 360 x 270 x 290 mm
weight: approx. 2,9 kg

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