Tripod Support Kit

Base plate and follow focus for startes.

The tripod support kit is a simple solution for anyone who is willing to film using a minimalistic setup: just a camera, lens and a tripod (and the tripod support kit of course).

This kit is the perfect way for entering the world of Lanparte. It comes with the sturdy and robust BP-02b base plate and the precise FF-02 follow focus. The kit can be used standalone or can be upgraded to become a full size rig. It doesn't matter what you are planing to do, the parts in this kit will fit every professional and non-professional users need.

The base plate has a 15mm rod support which is adjustable in height. Each rod is locked in two spots, giving the needed stability for additional accesories like handles, a matte box or a shoulder pad. On top of the base plate, the new click-on quick release system is used. The quick release plate from this system can be used the traditional way by sliding it from the front or from the back, additionally, it can be "clicked" into the rails from the top. This allows mounting and removing the camera in a very quick way. In the kit, two aluminium 15mm rods are included, each having a length of 300mm. On each end, there is a female M12 thread which can be used for extending the rods to a length that is required by the user. Two extension are part of the kit.

The FF-02 follow focus is one of the best tools you can get on the market. Considering its price, this follow focus gives you the ability to create very precise focus transitions, even when used with cheap lenses. The secret is inside the gear box: Lanparte uses a special grease that dampens movement, this way allowing smooth starts and stops. The cnc-made gears raise overall precision even more. The follow focus can be attached using a quick release clamp. It can be adjusted for different lens diameters and even the supplied gear wheel can be changed for fitting lenses with different gears. The supplied wheel is made for mod 0.8, just like the flexible gear belt that is included. You can use this gear belt for adding gearing to any lens, as long as the focus ring is even and does not exceed a diameter of 95mm.

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dimension: approx. 300 x 180 x 125 mm
weight: approx. 1,3 kg

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