Heavy duty double c-bracket for 15mm rods.

The CA-02 c-bracket is a heavy duty version of the CA-01. This part can be used for mounting a handle on top of the rig.

While looking just as stable as two CA-01, the CA-02 c-bracket is designed for heavy load and maximum versatility. This cage type connector can be mounted on any rig with 15mm rods, giving the user the ability to mount a carry around handle on top of the rig. It is possible to mount additional accessory here, as several threads and a cold shoe are available. The 15mm rod support can also be used to mount a magic arm for a field monitor, an EVF or a led light.

For easy camera access, the user can hinge the top rod support to the side. This function is already known from the CA-01 but the CA-02 uses another type of locking mechanism for this. The main advantage of this mechanism is 15mm rods being built in on the side, which allows mounting of even more accessory possible. Just like the CA-01, the CA-02 also features height adjustment to match nearly any camera height. It might be even possible to use a camera with a battery grip, but this depends on base plate that is used with the rig.

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dimensions: approx. 250 x 230 x 255 mm
inner height: min. 190 mm / max. 229 mm (adjustable)
weight: approx. 1000 grams