Stainless steel counter weight for 15mm rods.

A compact but heavy counter weight made from stainless steel, weighing 800 grams or 28.2 oz.

This counter weight can be used with any rig that works with 15mm rods. The counter weight is made from stainless steel and is therefore quite heavy, while taking up only a moderate amount of space. The counter weight is locked on the rods by a simple wing screw which is made from aluminium. It is possible to stack two or more counter weights together. Every counter weight features two holes and two threads that can be used to screw on one counter weight on another. This can be done endlessly.

Please note that despite its weight, one simple counter weight will not give you perfect balance, as long as it stays someone near the shoulder. The farther the counter weight is located, the more power it can apply to balance a heavy camera that is in front of the rig. It does add more stability though, which is very usefull when a light weight shoulder pad is used.

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dimensions: approx. 94 x 84 x 21 mm
weight: approx. 800 grams