Threaded connector for 15mm rods.

A all metal made connector for mounting on 15mm rods. Features some metrict and imperial threads.

The Lanparte DRC-01 is a very handy connector which makes mounting of custom made equipment on 15mm rods pretty easy. This connector comes with two M3 threads on top and a 1/4" UNC as well as a 3/8" UNC thread on the side. The threads on top can be used to mount boxes or plates using M3 screws - the UNC threads on the side can be used to mount ball heads or magic arms.

Please note that the DRC-01 is discontinued. There is no real successor to this part, except for the DRC-02.


Dimensions: approx.. 99 x 25 x 15 mm
Weight: approx. 60 grams