Backlash free follow focus with mod 0.8.

The very first follow focus by Lanparte. Highest quality at a very low price.

The Lanparte FF-01 was possibly the first follow focus on the market that offered backlash free operation for a price below 400 Euro. This follow focus was one the few products that Lanparte launched when they enterted the accessory market back in 2011. The follow focus offers simple functions but it comes with a precisly made gear box that transfers every movement directly on the mod 0.8 gear, without backlash.

The follow focus can be mounted on 15mm rods and it can be extended to the side so it can be used with different lens diameters. The gear wheel can be switched to the other side, so short pancake lenses can be reached.

Please note, that the FF-01 is discontinued. It was replaced by the FF-02 follow focus which offers the same high quality gear box along with some other very handy features.


Dimensions: approx. 170 x 105 x 80 mm
Weight: approx. 440 grams