Lithium Ion battery pack for different cameras.

The PB-600 battery pack is a great low-budget solution which is able to power popular DSLR and DSLM several longer than it is possible with their native batteries.

The battery pack works with reliable lithium ion cells which are inside a plastic housing with a high-grade surface. The size of the PB-600 should give you a rough idea on how many native batteries it can replace, as lithium ion cells are very similar to each other in terms of capacity/size ratio. There are two types of sockets implemented. A mini XLR socket is used for connector a battery dummy to the battery, which on the other hand will go inside a camera (instead of the camera battery). The mini XLR connection is very robust and features a locking mechanism which prevents accidental pulling of the cable while shooting.

The other socket is a regular DC input which is used to recharge the battery pack by using the supplied charger. The current capacity can be checked by pressing a check button next to the mini XLR output. When pressed, up to 5 leds will light up indicating the current charge status. Should the battery be nearly completely depleted, a red led will light up. Time to recharge!

The Lanparte PB-600 battery pack can be used with many different cameras on the market. You can by a fitting battery for each camera you have or you can get one battery and many different battery dummies so you can use one battery pack to power all your different cameras. Please keep in mind that only newer PB-600 can be used with different battery dummies. You will see a new PB-600 if its power cable consist out of two parts: one being the battery dummy with integrated cable, the other one being a simpe mini XLR to mini DC jack cable. Older type PB-600 have a battery dummy with an integrated mini XLR cable.

The following battery systems can be replaced with the PB-600:

Depending on which camera is taken as reference, the PB-600 will give you around 4 to 6 times longer running time than a regular battery can give you. For easy carry and work, the PB-600 is supplied with a small bag that can be attached to your belt.

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Voltage: 7.4 Volt (output)
Capacity: 6000 mAh
Power: 44,4 Wh
Dimensions: approx. 150 x 80 x 48 mm
Weight: approx. 440 grams (only battery pack w/o bag)