Shoulder support with built in vct-14 bracket.

Maybe one of the strangest shoulder supports you can encounter on the market. But the Lanparte SS-02 has it's main advantage when used together with the VBP-01 base plate with it's vct-14 tripod mount.

The SS-02 is designed mostly like the light weight SS-01, at least when talking about it's shape. Otherwise, the SS-02 is a much more robust shoulder pad as there was not much hollow out design applied to it. This is because the SS-02 is supposed to carry a whole rig which can be mounted on top of it. Yes. The bracket on top is a regular vct-14 tripod mount where a base plate with a vct-14 connector can be inserted. The main advantage of this design is having a rig that is perfectly balanced on both, the shoulder and the tripod.

There is still a 15mm rod support included which allows using the SS-02 like a regular shoulder support with any rig on the market that goes by the same standard.

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Dimensions: approx. 185 x 108 x 75 mm
Weight: approx. 650 grams