Professional grade follow focus with hard stops and mod 0.8.

Model FF-02 is the direct successor of the Lanparte FF-01 follow focus, which back in 2011 was a real steal amongst other follow focus on the market.

Lanparte took the best feature of the FF-01 and created a follow focus that is on par with other, mostly pricier follow focus on the market. The follow focus had a gear box that was precisely made and did not suffer from any kind of backlash. The Lanparte FF-02 features the same gear box and thus transfers any movement of the follow focus grip directly on the lens ring. The great quality was achieved by cnc-milled gears and a grease that made every movement inside smooth as silk.

The Lanparte FF-02 is the perfect follow focus for anybody who wants to take total control over his focus ring. The grease inside the gear box dampens the movement which allows using cheap photographic lenses with a very short focusing way without any serious problems. Professional photographic or cinematographic lenses with high resistance can also be controlled very well with this piece of gear. Even broadcast lenses can be used with this follow focus, as the supplied mod 0.8 gear wheel can be switched to other mod like 0.5, 0.6 or 0.7. The gear wheel can be mounted on both sides of the follow focus, which is very usefull when short pancake lenses are used for filming.

A detachable marker ring is nice if you have a focus puller standing next to you. Focus marks can be written with a non permanent marker or the marker ring, allowing precise focus transitions between two points or more. If there is nobody pulling the focus, the DOP can do it himself. For this, Lanparte included adjustable hard stops which can be used to limit the focusing range, allowing quick and precise jumps between to focus spots. These hard stops are very simple to setup and can be deactivated by flapping down the metal marker between them.

For quick and easy mounting on rods, Lanparte included a reliable quick release connector which also makes it possible to draw out the follow focus gear box to the side, thus allowing to adjust the follow focus to different lens diameters. The follow focus can be mounted on 15mm rods of any rig that is compatible with this standard. Additional accessory like a speed crank or a whip can be attached in the hand grip by using the 12x12mm ARRI style socket.

The FF-02 comes with a 36mm mod 0.8 gear wheel and a flexible gear belt that can be attached to lenses without gears. This way, these lenses can be driven by the follow focus easily.

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dimensions: approx. 189 x 80 x 110 mm
weight: approx. 510 grams