Follow focus gear wheels with different mods and sizes.

With the FFG gear wheels it is possible to use one of the Lanparte follow focus with different lens types.

Each gear is made from anodized aluminium and is very well built thanks to CNC-production. The gears are available in different sizes and with different gear steppings, which are called "mod". While every Lanparte follow focus is supplied with one mod 0.8 gear, there are lenses on the market that require a different type of mod, like 0.5 (cinema) or 0.6 (Fujinon broadcast).

The mod 0.8 gears are also available in different sizes. The small gear wheel allows precise focusing because it will move the focus ring slower when compared to the medium sized gear wheel which is supplied with the follow focus. The big wheel allows moving the focus ring faster, which is very handy when professional cinema primes with a big diameter are used.

The following gear wheels are currently available:

Please note that the gears are compatible with Lanparte only and can not be used with other brands. You can modify these gear wheels to fit other brands, but this will require proper tools.

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