Flexible gear belt with patented mounting system.

The FFGR-02 is a universal gear belt with mod 0.8 and a patented system that helps mounting the gear belt very quickly.

The gear belt itself consists out of a rubber part and the actual mounting clamp which is made from aluminium. Instead of applying a lot of force in order to mount the gear belt on the lens, the FFGR-02 works by simply putting the ring looseley on the lens and then tightening it with a small thumb screw on the side. Just like with the FFGR-01, another small thumb screw is used to keep the rubber part inside the clamp.

With a gear belt, it is possible to give almost any lens mod 0.8 gear teeth, so it can be used with a follow focus. This gear belt is only suitable for lenses with a maximum diameter of 95mm. Overhanging parts can be simply cut off with scissors or a knife.

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max. lens diameter: 95 mm
weight: approx. 25 grams