FW-01 / FW-02

Follow focus whip for ARRI style 12x12 socket.

The Lanparte follow focus whip is your manual remote control for any Lanparte follow focus (and some other brands as well).

Lanparte produces two types of whips with the main difference in one being longer than the other. There is the FW-01 which has a length of approx. 450mm, and there is the FW-02 which is shother by 100mm (350mm in total). Except for their length, both whips are indentically and serve the same purpose.

The whips have hand grips that resemble the hand grip of the Lanparte FF-02 follow focus. There is a rubber band applied around the hand grip which makes working with the whip very convenient. The connector on the end of the whip is a 12x12mm square which can be inserted in any follow focus featuring this type of ARRI style compatible socket. Every Lanparte Follow Focus is equipped with this socket and there are many other brands that have this socket included as well.

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