Simple hand grips for inexpensive rigs with 15mm rods.

The SHG-01 simple hand grips are a combination of two BH-01 handles, two right angle connectors and a rod.

These hand grips can be mounted on any rig that features a 15mm rod support. The main advantage of these handles is their low entry price, while delivering robust quality and good comfort while in use. You can adjust the position of the handles by moving them to the side, taking away load from your back (so you don't have to turn right a little to hold your rig straight).

As the handles are positioned lower than the regular BH-01, you will require less force while holding your rig. This will reduce fatigue, allowing longer shoots at a stretch.

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Dimensions: approx. 300 x 230 x 60 mm
Weight: approx. 500 grams