4x4 matte box with swing away function.

A simple matte box for lenses with a diameter up to 100mm. Features and swing away mechanism and two 4x4 filter stages.

With the MB-01, Lanparte introduced a solid matte box at a low end price. This matte box offers two 4x4 filter trays, one of which can be rotated by 180 degrees (usefull for polarization or graduated filters). In order to reduce artifacts from light reflection, several donuts are included with the MB-01. These donuts can be installed without tools, simply by pulling off the rear metal ring and putting a donut that fits the used lens inside. There is a total of three french flags included with the matte box. It is not required to use all three, but it is suggested to use them whenever there is a high risk for light to enter from the side, this way creating unwanted lens flares.

For easier access to the lens, a swing away mechanism can be used. By simply pulling a lever, the housing of the matte box can be hinged aside, this way making changing lenses easy, quick and comfortable. The swing away adapter of the matte box features a 15mm rod support which is used to mount the matte box on a rig or cage. You can use this matte box with any rig that has a 15mm rod support.

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Dimensions: approx. 250 x 90 x 210 mm (without flags)
Weight: approx. 1700 grams