Swing away clamp for any type of matte box with 15mm rods.

The SWC-01 swing away adapter clamp will give your old matte box a swing away function, but only if it can be mounted on 15mm rods.

The clamp itself is a very simple piece. It can be attached on any rig with 15mm rods and features two M12 threads which can be used to screw in Lanparte aluminium rods. Two 100mm rods and two screws are already included in the kit which makes usage of this clamp simple plug and play.

If your matte box has a 15mm rod support, it can be mounted on this clamp. Whenever the swing away function is required, one has to loose the black thumb screw which unlocks the swing away mechanism. When the matte box is hinged aside, changing lenses will be easier and faster.

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Dimensions: approx. 102 x 60 x 29 mm
Weight: approx. 170 grams