Battery dummy for consumer Canon DSLR with LP-E8 battery.

Even the simple consumer DSLR by Canon can be powered over many hours from a professional battery when used with Lanparte battery pinch and this battery dummy.

The Lanparte E8P-01 battery dummy is shaped just like the Canon LP-E8 battery which is used to power many different Canon consumer DSLR, starting from the EOS 500D / Rebel T1i and ending with the EOS 700D / Rebel T5i. The battery dummy features a fully decoded infochip which pretends to be a genuine battery, while in reality, the power source is a Lanparte battery pinch with a v-lock or AntonBauer battery attached.

This battery dummy is the perfect solution if you want to power your camera over many hours with just one battery. This is very handy when the camera is heavily rigged and can not be removed from the rig for a battery swap.

If you have a PB600 battery pack, you can use this battery dummy with it as well.

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