Goldmount battery pinch for 15mm rods.

With exactly the same features as the VBP-01, the main difference of the GBP-01 is the GoldMount battery plate which fits AntonBauer batteries.

As the VBP-01, the GBP-01 uses a switching supply unit to generate stabilzed voltage from the unstabilized voltage of a professional AntonBauer goldmount battery. The superior locking mechanism of the goldmount battery system might be real game changer if you're into rough action with a lot of shaky footage. If you're located somewhere in the USA, the goldmount battery system might also be a better choice for you.

The stabilized outputs of the GBP-01 battery pinch can be used to power DSLR, DSLM, other video or photo cameras as well as accessory like a monitor or EVF. The 5, 7.4, 12 and 15 volt outputs should cover most of stuff that is available on the filmmakers market currently. Even tools that work with USB only can be powered with the GBP-01, at least as long as they don't draw more than 1 amp (this is enough to power your audio recorder or charge your phone). Anything else that does not require stabilized voltage, can be connected via the unstabilized d-tap output on the side of the battery pinch.

If you need to split your HDMI signal in order to distribute it to a monitor and evf at the same time, you can save yourself a splitter and simply use the built in HDMI splitter of the GBP-01. The splitter can be switched off to save power, otherwise it will do exactly what it is supposed to do: split up one incoming signal into two outgoing signals.

With the supplied AC adapter, you can use your GBP-01 as a power supply unit with constant power from the socket next to you. This is a very special mode which requires you to remove the battery and place the connector of the AC adapter in the 15V output. Don't worry, it is supposed to work like that. Just don't use the charging port if you want to power your camera from the socket as this port is really only meant for charging goldmount batteries. As most of the power is used for the charging process, there is usually not much left to power the camera, which will result in malfunction.

You can mount the GBP-01 battery pinch on any rig with 15mm rod support. The rod clamp is adjustable and the battery pinch can be tilted as you need it. Combined with the Lanparte SS-01 shoulder pad, you will get a really tight package which might be even a good counter weight for your rig.

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Dimensions: ca. 143 x 103 x 33 mm
Weight: approx. 410 grams