Sandwich battery pinch with v-lock.

This is a very special battery pinch by Lanparte. This is a so called sandwich adapter, a unit that is placed between a v-lock battery and the camera.

The Lanparte VBP-03 offers the same features as the VBP-02, with one exception: it can not be mounted on rods. This sandwich adapter is supposed to be used between a v-lock battery and a v-lock battery plate. It will forward the power of the battery to the plate on the other side and it will take a little bit of this power to convert it to stabilized voltage.

On every side of the VBP-03 battery pinch, you will find several dc outlets with 5, 7.4, 12 and 15 volt. There is even a charging port which can be used to charge the attached v-lock battery when the supplied AC adapter is plugged in. Inside the VBP-03 is a switching power supply which converts the input voltage of a profesional v-lock battery to several stabilized voltages that can be used with a lot of accessory out there. You can mount this battery pinch on any v-lock style battery and you can power a DSLR, a monitor or a wireless audio transmitter by using the outputs. For accessory which does not require stabilized voltage, a regular d-tap output is available.

The supplied AC unit can also be used to power the battery pinch directly from the socket located in a wall nearby. This and the charging function makes the VBP-03 a very versatile production tool for professional broadcast camcorders. You can power your light, you camera and maybe even some more stuff with this adapter. Once you're done filming, you can let VBP-03 charge your v-lock battery. And if you have to shoot for a long period of time, just grab an extension cord and get infinite power from the socket. Really easy.

The VBP-03 comes boxed with the AC adapter and some coiled cables that you can put into a lot of third party chinese equipment. Modifying the cables might be required for certain cameras or other accessory as the dc connectors are not stadardized.

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Dimensions: approx. 143 x 90 x 32 mm
Weight: approx. 250 grams