Additional receiver for LANC remote.

Control two or more cameras with just one remote by using this additional receiver for the Lanparte LANC-02 wireless remote control.

This receiver is exactly the same little box that comes with the LANC-02 kit. It features a 2.5mm jack so you can connect it to cameras that are using the LANC protocol. The receiver comes with several cables so you can connect it directly to your BMCC, Sony FS7 or whatever camera you have that features a LANC remote input.

In order to pair your existing transmitter with the receiver you have to first connect a 2.5mm cable with the LANC remote input of your camera and switch the camera on. Next, hold the REC-button on the receiver and connect it with the cable. A red led will start blinking continiously. Grab the transmitter and hold the REC-button for several seconds until the red control led on the transmitter starts blinking as well. Once the pairing is complete, the led will both turn off.

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Dimensions: approx. 39 x 29 x 15 mm (receiver)


approx. 20 grams (receiver)