BMPCC-01 Raw Recruit Kit

BMPCC starters rig without handles.

The perfect starters kit for any BMPCC user. This kit comes without handles so you can decide which handles you want to use with this rig.

Main parts of the raw recruit kit are the Lanparte BMPCC-01 cage and the SS-01 shoulder pad. While being a little bigger than other BMPCC cages on the market, the BMPCC-01 offers a good build quality and functionality. The camera is locked inside the cage by two screws, preventing unwanted movement when heavily used. To prevent twisting of the camera, Lanparte lowered a part of the base plate so the camera can be placed inside like in a rail. For additional fixation one might consider buying a TS-02 tele lens support which offers an anti-twist belt that will completely lock the camera in side the cage.

It is possible to use any type of handles with this rig, as long as they can be attached to regular 15mm rods. You might use the many different Lanparte handles or you might use third party handles to hold your BMPCC rig securely.

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Dimensions: approx. 500 x 200 x 215 mm
Weight: approx. 1,5 kg