Simple and inexpensive rig for Sony FS5.

With the FS5K-01 Lanparte offers a simple and inexpensive rig solution for Sony FS5 users.

The rig itself mostly consists out of parts that are already known to the public. The main part is certainly the VMS-01 shoulder pad with its dual 15mm rod support (front and back), the QRP-02 click on quick release plate on the top and the VCT-14 tripod adapter system on the bottom. The VMS-01 is a comfortable shoulder pad and base plate in one, offering solid build quality to the professional user.

The 15mm rod support on the back can be equipped with the VBP-01 battery pinch that is supplied in the FS5K-01 kit. The battery pinch is some sort of battery plate that can be used to power the camera as well as most accessories around. It is able to output several stabilized voltages just from using one v-lock battery only. For the special DC in of the Sony FS5, Lanparte includes a power cable that can be connected into the 12v output of the battery pinch.

In the front, there is the new FS5A-01 extension arm that has a bajonet mount which fits the multi functional grip that the Sony FS5 is supplied with. The extension arm itself can not be mounted on the camera and must be mounted using the ARRI style M6 rosettes on the VMS-01 shoulder pad. One can also use the dual rod connector which is included with the kit and which the user can use to mount the adjustable left handle which is already known from the UG-03 handle kit.

When going to the top, one might notice the all new MEA-01 extension arm and the TCP-02 cheese plate kit that both add some useability to the FS5. While the both cheese plates from the TCP-02 kit simply add some additional mounting threads for accessory, the MEA-01 extension arm can be mounted between the FS5 monitor and the top handle. With the extension arm, adjusting the position of the FS5 monitor will get easier and more comfortable. The user can move the monitor back and forth and the angle adjustment can be done in small steps.

Finally, if you really don't want to use the FS5 monitor but a bigger monitor instead, you can use the MA-01 magic arm that can be mounted on the 15mm rod support of the shoulder pad. The magic arm features a 1/4 inch mounting thread and a locking mechanism that is triggered by only one screw.

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