Full size rig with pro accessory for the Sony FS7.

Just like the FSK-01, but better. The Lanparte FSK-02 is a rig that will increase comfort while shooting with Sony's PXW-FS7 cinema camera.

The rig is based on the comfortable VMS-01 shoulder pad which features an integrated 15mm rod support on both ends, two ARRI style rosettes and a click on quick release plate which makes attaching and removing the camera a quick and effortless work. The kit comes with a power supply solution that is based on the Sony v-lock battery system. With the VBP-01 battery pinch and a 99wh lithium ion battery, the FS7 will become a camera that is just as good as a professional broadcast camcorder. Balance might be not as good, but a lot better than without all the extra stuff from this kit.

To make the camera look more professional, there is a matte box included, as well as a follow focus. The matte box offer two 4x4 filter trays and a swing away function that will make swapping lenses an easy task. If used with the 28-135mm kit lens, a donut is not required at all as this lens fits seamlessly into the back of the matte box. Both, the MB-01 matte box and the FF-02 follow focus are attached on the front rods of the VMS-01 shoulder pad. The FF-02 follow focus is a unit that accompanies the Lanparte product line-up for many years now. It is completely backlash-free and offers adjustable hard stops as well as a quick release system for mounting on 15mm rods.

For a complete ENG look and feel, there are also two extension parts included in the kit that are placed between the camera and the Sony control grip that is supplied with the FS7. This will combat fatigue, allowing you to shoot longer without feeling exhausted too quickly.

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Dimensions: approx. 620 x 300 x 230 mm
Weight: approx. 4,8 kg