Offset Rig v2.0

For cameras with optical viewfinder.

If you consider using an optical viewfinder for shooting with your DSLR, then this rig might be the perfect solution for you.

The Lanparte Offset Rig is a unit that was especially designed for usage with optical viewfinders. The base plate of this rig is shifted to the left side, making it possible to place the camera and the optical viewfinder directly in front of the user's face. The shifting is done by the sturdy OFC-01 offset clamp that connects the QRB-01 base plate with the SS-01 shoulder pad. The base plate offers basic functions and comes with a very sturdy 15mm rod support. Because of it's compact size, it can be used with small DSLM or DSLR and because of it's overall sturdiness it can pack a bigger DSLR like a Canon 5D Mark II as well. Mounting on a rig is possible as there is a special mounting plate below the base plate. This mounting plate features a dovetail style connection which is reliable and easy to use.

With the version 2.0, the Offset Rig was upgraded with a special handle design. Instead of attaching both BH-01 handles directly to the rods of the QRB-01 base plate, there are some spacers and 360 degree clamps placed inbetween now. When compared to the first version of the Offset Rig, the second version offers better ergonomics as it is not required for the user to raise up his arms just in order to hold the rig straight. The angled position of the handles allows holding grabbing the handles in a more natural way which definitly slows down fatigue during the shoot.

The rig can be disassembled into small parts which will make traveling with limited luggage a breeze. If shooting with an optical viewfinder should not be required in a certain case, you can always return to a standard rig design simply by connecting the base plate with  the shoulder pad without using the OFC-01 offset clamp.

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Dimensions: approx. 530 x 400 x 250 mm
Weight: approx. 2 kg