One Armed Bandit

Rig with only one handle.

Are you struggling with your two handles rig while pulling focus? Well, struggle no more, because the One Armed Bandit Kit is the perfect solution to fix that!

This rig is just a plain starters rig offering the BP-02b base plate and the comfortable SS-01 shoulder pad. The main feature of the rig is the SH-01 handle, which is attached to both 15mm rods, while offering only one handle that can be held. Compared to the BH-01, the SH-01 handle can not slip or twist because of the way how it is attached to the rods. As the handle is placed directly between the rods, the whole rig is easier to handle with just one hand (while the other hand can be used for pulling focus or picking your nose, whichever is more important).

If you already own a rig and would like to upgrade it to the One Armed Bandit design, you should consider getting the SH-01 handle only.

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Dimensions: approx. 500 x 110 x 200 mm
Weight: approx. 1,5 kg