Fully equipped professional rig for DSLR and camcorders.

With the PK-01, you will get a fully equipped rig and a big suit case where the rig can be stored nearly completelly assembed.

The PK-01 was the first full sized rig offered by Lanparte, aimed at professional users. This rig comes in a big trolley suit case where the rig can be stored completely assembled, except for the french flags, handles and the top handle. The main advantage of the PK-01 is it being ready to use in only a few minutes, straight out of the box.

Included in the box is the robust BP-02b base plate, the sturdy UG-02 handles, the backlash free FF-02 follow focus, a light weight 4x4 matte box by the name MB-01 and a c-shaped bracket with a handle on top. On the back, there is the VBP-01 battery pinch which can power a Canon DSLR with LP-E6 battery system and other accessory directly from one v-lock battery (included in the kit as well).

In general, the PK-01 is best used with small, medium or large DSLR. It can be equipped with camcorders too, as long as these are not too high. When used without the c-bracket, there is no height limitation.


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Dimensions: approx. 670 x 540 x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 18 kg (rig and case)