Professional turn-key rig for big DSLR.

Being one of the most expensive rigs, the PK-02 offers the most space to fit a DSLR with a large lens.

PK stands for "professional kit" and this is exactly what this kit offers: professional quality for professional users. The PK-02 comes in a sturdy suit case with trolley function and foam where the rig can be placed in without the need to be disassembled completely. When getting ready on the set, you will the to attach the handles, french flags (if required), a magic arm and the top handle to be ready for shooting. This makes the PK-02 a great turn-key system where you don't need to worry about things you could buy, but did not.

Inside the case is the VMP-01 baseplate with VCT-14 tripod mount, the CA-02 c-shaped bracket and a handle that is attached on top of it. In the front, you will find the UG-02 handles, the backlash free FF-02 follow focus and the MB-02 carbon fibre matte box with swing-away function and two fully rotateable filter trays that will work with 4x4 or 4x5.65 filters. On the back of the rig you will find the VBP-01 battery pinch with a built in HDMI splitter and several stabilized outputs which can be used to power the camera and additional accessory from one v-lock battery (included as well). The SS-01 shoulder pad will fit most shoulder types because of it's ergonomic design.

But what are the limitations of this rig? Well, there are not many limitations except for one: this rig works best when used with physically long lenses. This is simply because short lenses might not reach the MB-02 matte box, resulting in the matte box being recorded as well. If you want a rig that works with short and long lenses, you should take a look at the PK-01, which on a side note is less expensive.

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Dimensions: approx. 670 x 540 x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 18 kg (rig and case)