Professional Rig for BMCC

With almost everything required for professional users.

This huge and expensive rig will be your reliable work horse during shoots with the BMCC and BMPC.

The rig features the BMCC-01 cage by Lanparte as well as many other robust parts from the Lanparte product line-up. The cage itself offers a non-adjustable 15mm rod support and a dovetail style tripod connection system which is compatible with Lanparte only. The camera is locked inside the cage by a total of three screws which make the camera absolutely immoveable and thus perfectly locked inside the cage. The camera fan as well as the controls are not affected by the cage, meaning that you can operate everything just as if there was no cage at all. A neat addtion to the setup is the top handle with it's ergonomic shape. The handle can be balance adjusted to the sides and it offers a cold shoe adapter along with a 15mm rod support. The top rods of the cage are a very handy addition as accessories like the MA-02 magic arm and the MB-02 carbon fibre matte box are attached to them.

The matte box that is included in the kit is light weight and has a housing made from carbon fibre. The frame is made from anodized aluminium. A swing away system allows for quick lens interchange, just as quick as one can change the foam donut that is placed inside a holder. Lanparte supplies the matte box with an adjustable donut as well, which is a one-size-fits-all solution for small to big lenses. Besides this, the matte box features two fully rotateable filter trays which can be equipped with 4x4 or 4x5.65 filters.

The UG-02 handles are very well known for being a very robust solution for heavy rigs, just like the Professional Rig for BMCC is. The handles are mounted with a quick release clamp and can be quickly removed if they are not required. The same quick release clamp is being used for the FF-02 follow focus as well, which comes with a mod 0.8 gear and adjustable hard stops. The follow focus is dampened and does not have any backlash at all.

When moving to the back of the rig, one will see the ergonomic SS-01 shoulder pad and the versatile VBP-01 battery pinch. There is no battery included within the kit but a d-tap power cable will be supplied so you can connect your BMCC oder BMPC to the battery pinch.

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Dimensions: approx. 600 x 220 x 300 mm
Weight: approx. 2,7 kg