Students Little Dream Kit

Beginners rig with great upgradeability.

This simple rig might be your start into the great world of filming. The Lanparte Students Little Dream Kit offers Lanparte quality at a low entry price.

The rig consists out of three components, the BP-02b base plate, the SS-01 shoulder pad and the BH-01 handles. The base plate offers the Lanparte click-on system quick release plate which makes attaching and removing the camera a super quick and struggle free experience. The integrated 15mm rod support is height adjustable for maximum flexibility with possible future rig part additions. The base plate is supplied with two aluminium rods that feature a M12 inner thread, which can be used to extend the rods by simply using Lanparte Rod Screws.

With the SS-01, you will get a comfortable shoulder pad that can be used on the right or left shoulder (for left shoulder usage it must the turned around). The shoulder pad is light weight and comes with it's own pair of aluminium rods. These rods can be connected directly to the rods of the base plate, alternativly it is possible to use the supplied HRC-01 height raiser clamp which will raise or lower the rods by 30mm (depending on how it is mounted).

If you are planing on upgrading your rig in near future, you can easily keep the shoulder pad and the base plate. You should consider replacing the supplied BH-01 handles if you are going to put some heavy weight on the rig. The BH-01 handles are a good solution for a payload up to 3kg, but might start slipping with heavier load.

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Dimensions: approx. 500 x 130 x 190 mm
Weight: approx. 1,6 kg