Working Horse Rig

For heavy dslr and camcorders.

If you want to rig up your camcorder or your dslr to the max, the Lanparte Working Horse Rig might be the ideal partner for you.

This rig consists out of the most robust parts that Lanparte has in their product line-up. There is the BP-02b base plate with it's height adjustable 15mm rod support and click on quick release plate, the comfortable SS-01 shoulder pad and the sturdy UG-02 handles that are attached to the rods with a reliable quick release locking mechanism. To make this rig as versatile as possible, there is the OFC-01 offset connector included. This part shifts the 15mm rods to the side, making it possible to realign the camera directly in front of the operator's face. When working with an optical viewfinder, this is a very comfortable solution.

So why is this rig suitable for heavy payload? It's because of the robust parts that are included. One can easily upgrade the rig by adding additional accessory without sacrificing stability at all. The joints of the UG-02 have a very special way of locking based on ball bearings. When tightened, a few little steel balls inside the joints are pressed against a bracket with pits that is located on the other site. This is a solution that is multiple times better than the faulty-prone friction locking known from magic arms and other handles. Another advantage of this system is that the joints will not slip suddenly when the tightened screw gets loose. There will be some wobble indicating there is something wrong, but the handles will remain secured.

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Dimensions: approx. 600 x 220 x 300 mm
Weight: approx. 2,7 kg