Light weight shoulder support for 15mm rods.

A light weight, very comfortable and well designed shoulder support for any rig with 15mm rods.

One might say that the SS-01 is one of the oldest parts that Lanparte offers to it's customers. This is not because there is no research going on for better shoulder support solutions but mostly because the SS-01 a piece that does not require further improvement. The shoulder support consists out of a rubber pad which is formed to fit most shoulder types and a metal frame which is really light thanks to the hollow out design Lanparte uses for most of their products.

The rod support of the SS-01 is designed to fit 15mm rods, which Lanparte includes withing the package. There are two 200mm rods included, alongside a height raiser clamp, which can raise or lower rods by 30mm. There is no need to use this clamp if it is not required as all Lanparte aluminium rods feature a M12 mounting thread which can be used to extend rods by using special M12 rod screws.

A nice feature of the SS-01 is the possibility to combine it with the VBP-01 or GBP-01 battery pinch. This power converter can be placed directly on top of the SS-01, merging both into one unit. This does look good and gives the user the advantage of having more weight on the shoulder which again makes working with the rig more comfortable.

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Dimensions: approx. 215 x 105 x 84 mm
Weight: approx. 600 grams