Dovetail style tripod plate for DB-15 base plate.

A long tripod adapter plate with dovetail design, especially meant to be used with the DB-15 base plate from Lanparte.

This dovetail tripod mounting plate might be looking like an ARRI plate or similar professional plates that are available on the market. Even then, the DP-15 will only fit the Lanparte DB-15 base plate which was designed for the new BMCC and BMPC cameras by Blackmagic. The dovetail mounting plate can be mounted on a tripod and offers balance adjustment for the rig that is mounted on top of it. This is done by simply sliding the base plate to the front or the back. To prevent accidental sliding off, there are stops on both ends, one of which is a release trigger (so you can remove the DB-15 from the plate).

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