Short dovetail plate for Lanparte DB-15 base plate.

A short tripod mounting plate by Lanparte for Lanparte DB-15 base plate.

This little tripod plate was inspired by the ARRI dovetail design. Although both are not compatible, the DP-15s can be used with the Lanparte DB-15 base plate that was especially made for the upcoming Blackmagic Cinema and Production Cameras (BMCC and BMPC). Because of it's flat design, the DB-15 can also be used with most of the camcorders on the market.

As the DB-15 itself does not offer a tripod mount, a fitting dovetail plate is required. Being a short version of the DP-15 dovetail tripod mount plate, the DP-15s otherwise can be used almost the same way. It's length corresponds the DB-15 base plate, which offers no room for balance adjustment when mounted on a tripod (so keep this in mind - this is important). It's short length is otherwise very handy when used together with a professional gimbal or a tripod which offers balance adjustment on itself.

The dovetail tripod plate is made from aluminium. It does not feature stoppers on  both ends but it has several UNC threads for tripod mounting. It can only be used with the DB-15 base plate. It will not fit third party base plates from other manufacturers.

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Length: approx. 95 mm
Weight: approx. 150 grams