ARRI style bolt on rosette with M6 thread.

With the ARL-01T rosette, Lanparte stepped into the world of real professionals.

The ARL-01T connection plate resembled the popular and very common ARRI bolt on rosette. This type of connecting system is used for mounting professional equipment and accessories on rigs, cages and cameras for many ears now. The main advantage of this system are the bolt on rosettes made from steel, having robust teeth and being easily exchangeable when eventually worn out some day.

This plate has a diameter of 31mm and a depth of 8mm. In the centre, there is a M6 thread which can be used for mounting accessories like magic arms, handles and other. The plate itself can be mounted on nearly any type of accessory using the four holes that are positioned around the M6 thread. On the back of the plate is a square with height of 4mm. This square can be used for positioning the plate and it also extends the M6 thread, making it more robust.

The ARL-01T rosette is also available as ARL-01U, featuring no thread but a hole with 6mm diameter.

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thread: M6
diameter: 31 mm
depth: 8 mm (in total)
weight: approx. 22 grams