to the official german Lanparte website!

From a small helicopter-parts factory to one of the best China based rig manufacturers in the whole world in only a few years: Lanparte offers outstanding quality, robust build and innovative products at prices that are lower than anything you can get from established manufacturers from the west.

This is the official german Lanparte products website, under the direction of the EQUIPRENT Andreas Teichmann GmbH from Hamburg. On this website, you will find information on all Lanparte products, from separate parts to whole rigs, cages and even gimbals. Since 2011, Lanparte started offering serious and competitive products for videofilmers and photographers, both professional and hobbyists. If you're on the look for a good value, then you have found the right place.

If you want to experience the Lanparte quality instead of just looking at pictures: nothing easier than this! The EQUIPRENT Andreas Teichmann GmbH was the first german dealer to introduce Lanparte to the german and partially to the european market. Together with other distributors, we were able to push a once unknown brand into the minds of many. You can see most of the Lanparte products directly in our office in Hamburg, Germany.