ARRI style bolt on rosette without thread.

The ARL-01U rosette is similar to the ARL-01T with the main difference not having a thread.

This connecting plate is made from steel and resembles the ARRI bolt on rosette that is mainly used for mounting professional accessories on professional rigs and cameras. The advantage of this system is being very robust in the field, keeping accessory in position. And even if the plate is worn out eventually, it can be simply replaced by another one, giving you the ability to use your accessory for a few more years.

The ARL-01U has a diameter of 31mm and features a 6mm hole in the centre. Additionally, there are four more holes that are meant for mounting the rosette whereever it needs to be mounted. This way, a lot of equipment can be upgraded with this type of connecting system, giving the user a professional level of reliability.

On the back of the rosette, there is positioning square with a height of 4mm. This square gives the rosette a total depth of 8mm which is helpful if you want to tap a new thread on your own.

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thread: no thread, hole with 6 mm diameter
diameter: 31 mm
depth: 8 mm (in total)
weight: approx. 22 grams