Robust magic arm for heavy accessory.

The MA-02 magic arm is the heavy duty alternative to the MA-01. This magic arm supports heavy accessory like monitors, evf and other.

The connections of the MA-02 magic arm were designed to be as sturdy as possible. Because of this, the MA-02 magic arm is limited in its mobility but is also capable of holding weight up to 5 kg. It doesn't even matter how the arm is used, it always works with this weight. The whole design was also aimed at the use of EVF or field monitors on a rig. The arm can be moved up and down and positioned on the left or right side.

Connection on the 15mm rods is done using the new ARL-01T-D adapter which features an ARRI style rosette with M6 threading. Using this connector, the arm can be mounted on nearly any rig on the market.

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Maße: ca. 26 x 15 x 5 cm (vom Setup abhängig!)
Tragfähigkeit: max. 5 kg
Gewicht: ca. 250 Gramm