Magic arm mounting adapter for 15mm rods.

The Lanparte MAC-01 adapter is a clamp that can be used to mount any magic arm with 3/8 inch thread on 15mm rods.

The adapter clamp if made from anodized aluminium and is very well built. It features a rod support for mounting on two rods with 15mm diameter. The locking is done with a single wing screw that locks the clamp reliably on the rods.

Please keep in mind that the mounting thread for a magic arm is the bigger 3/8 inch. Most magic arm on the market will require a thead reduction adapter as they mostly come with the smaller 1/4 inch thread. If you want to use this clamp with the MA-04 magic arm from Lanparte, such an adapter is not required.

The MAC-01 can also be found on the Lanparte MA-01 magic arm. Here, the clamp is permanently connected to the arm.

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mount thread: 3/8 inch
dimensions: approx. 110 x 20 x 40 mm
weight: approx. 50 grams