Angled Quick Release Adapter for monitor or evf.

Tiny quick release adapter designed to mount a monitor or evf directly on the camera, rig, cage or magic arm with the option to unmount in seconds, if required.

With it's tiny size and thoughtful design, the Lanparte MQR-01 adapter is the perfect addition to your monitor or evf. The adapter consists out of a quick release plate and a fitting mount where the plate can be locked in by simply pushing it inside. The plate comes with a moveable 1/4 inch screw that fits monitors, evf and even compact camera (if you want to mount it on top of your rig for picture variation). There is a special anti-twist part built in, which when pushed against the back of your monitor, effectivly prevents it from twisting to the sides (which happens pretty easily as there is usually only one 1/4 thread).

To separate the plate and mounting clamp, you simply have to push the green unlock-button on the side of the adapter. The locking mechanism works similar to the professional VCT-14 system, with the only difference being smaller in size. Because the bottom 1/4 inch thread is angled, an additional ball head is usually not required when the adapter is mounted directly in the hot shoe of a DSLR. The monitor will be tilted down automaticly, making looking at it easier and more comfortable as you don't have to raise your arms anymore to hold the camera on eye level.

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dimensions: approx. 35 x 25 x 48 mm
weight: approx. 27 grams