Flat dovetail base plate with rod support for BMCC and camcorders.

The Lanparte DB-15 base plate was initially developed for use with BMCC and BMPC cameras from Blackmagic. Because of it's low height, this base plate fits traditional camcorders pretty well.

The built in rod support suits 15mm rods and is not height adjustable. This is the main reason why the base plate has a low height. A great advantage of the missing rod support is the great stability you will get while having your rods mounted. Additionally, there is only one screw per rod required to fix it which makes setting up and reconfiguring a rig very quick and easy.

On each side, the base plate has an ARRI style rosette made from steel. These rosettes have a M6 threading in the centre and can be used to mount handles, magic arms or any other accessory that fits ARRI style rosettes. The rosettes are exchangeable once they are worn off, although it seems kind of impossible for this to happen because of the used material.

The top of the base plate is covered with rubber mats so any camera that is mounted on top stays in place. There is also an anti-twist pin included which fits camcorders with a corresponding whole sitting next to the 1/4 inch thread. The anti-twist pin is equipped with a spring and can be pushed down into the base plate if your camera does not have this special hole.

You can mount the DB-15 base plate on any tripod using the DP-15 dovetail tripod plate (which is also sold separatly and not compatible with any other dovetail plates). For optimal balance, you can slide the DB-15 base plate back and forth. To prevent the base plate from accidentally sliding off the tripod plate, there are stops on each end of the tripod plate. One of these stops can be manually disabled, allowing you to take off your rig.

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dimensions: approx. 95 x 114 x 30 mm (without rods)
weight: approx. 250 grams (without rods)