Compact base plate with tripod support plate.

A light weight and compact base plate with robust 15mm rod support. Suitable for a wide range of camera types.

The Lanparte QRB-01 has a 15mm rod support that is made from one metal piece. The rod support can not be adjusted in height, and because of that, is very robust. This makes the QRB-01 base plate suitable for cameras ranging from a light dslr to a true camcorder. The compact size makes it perfect for use with compact cameras like the BMPCC or any other Micro Four Thirds sensor camera.

There are two knurled screws in the base plate, each having its own function. The top screw is used to fix the camera on top of the plate. It has a 1/4" threading and works with all cameras that can be mounted on a tripod. The lower screw is for locking the base plate on the tripod adapter plate that is included in the delivery. This tripod adapter plate is a metal block with several 1/4" and 3/8" threads and is used to mount the whole base plate on a tripod head. The base plate can be moved on this tripod adapter back and forth for proper balance. This type of connection works just like the professional dovetail tripod system (although the system that is used with the QRB-01 is a standalone solution that is not compatible with other dovetail systems).

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dimensions: approx. 115 x 57 x 80 mm
weight: approx. 370 grams