Base plate with 15mm rod support and vct-14 tripod mount.

Heavy duty base plate with precise adjustable 15mm rod support, click on quick release plate and a vct-14 tripod mount system.

The Lanparte VMP-01 base plate is an upgraded version of the BP-02b base plate. Both base plates look similar when compared, but the VMP-01 has more advanced functions when going into detail. The VMP-01 base plate features a 15mm rod support than can be adjusted in height using a knurled screw on the side. This is very handy when working with heavy setups, because the rod support won't come down in the blink of an eye when releasing the two locking screws on each side (like it can happen with the BP-02b). Instead, the rods will remain in their position, until the height adjustment screw is turned.

With the VMP-01, Lanparte introduced the new QRP-02 quick release system. The big advantage of this system is a quick release plate than the user can slide in the traditional way or alternativly can be clicked on from the top. For this, the locking lever must be released and the quick release plate must be placed inside the holder, aligning with the rail from one side. By simply pushing the other side of the plate down, the quick release plate will jump into the holder with a loud click, becoming ready for locking with the lever on the side.

For professional users, the vct-14 tripod mount on the bottom of the base plate is a pleasent addition. This tripod system is very popular among professional broadcast camcorders and is used for several decades now. The main advantage of the vct-14 is the abillity to quickly mount and remove the camera (or base plate in this case) from a tripod. Regular 1/4" and 3/8" threads are still present in case a vct-14 tripod adapter plate is not available.

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dimensions: approx. 140 x 120 x 80 mm (without rods)
weight: approx. 700 Gramm (without rods)