Robust cage fitting BMCC and BMPC.

A very well built cage, precisley fitting the Blackmagic Cinema and Production Cameras (BMCC 2.5K and BMPC4 K).

The Lanparte BMCC-01 cage is made to fit the BMCC and BMPC cameras from Blackmagic. The cage becomes an exoskeleton for the camera, once both are combined. Because of some parts of the camera still being exposed, the exoskeleton will not protect your camera from most damages, but it will add more sturdiness to your camera.

The cage features two 15mm rod supports (top and bottom). It is possible to mount accessories like follow focus or a matte box on the bottom rods while having a magic arm for a led light or an evf on the top rods. The BMCC-01 cage already comes with a robust magic arm called the MA-02. This magic arm can be used for equipment with a weight up to 5kg.

The DB-15 base plate in this kit was especially designed for Blackmagic cameras. Lanparte put the DB-15 base plate on a special dovetail plate (DP-15) which makes it possible to find a balance while being used on a tripod. The dovetail plate looks very similar to what is used by companies like ARRI or RED but it is not compatible with these brands (standalone solution).

The BMCC-01 cage can be upgraded to the size of a professional rig, with every feature an operator might need.

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dimensions: approx. 245 x 122 x 280 mm (without magic arm)
weight: approx. 2,4 kg (incl. magic arm)