Pro Cinema Bundle

For DSLR with long cinema lenses.

A large version of the DSLR Cinema Bundle, designated for cameras with large lenses like tele or cinema zooms.

If you are totally into filming using a tripod, then the Pro Cinema Bundle might be a perfect solution for you. It is designed for tripod use but can be upgraded to a shoulder rig, as the baseplate included is a shoulder pad itself already. The cage is not suitable for short prime lenses and it is also not suitable for short zooms lenses.

When used with a cinema zoom lens, the Pro Cinema Bundle makes filming a real pleasure. The cage can be mounted on broadcast VCT-14 tripod adapter plates which feature a precise balancing system. 15mm rod support is available in the front and rear of the cage which makes mounting of additional rig parts possible (like power supply, handles). The cage is already equipped with the MB-01 matte box which features a swing away function for easy lens swapping and two 4x4 filter trays, one of which can be rotated by 180 degrees. For easy carrying around, there are two CA-01 c-brackets in the kit. On top of these c-brackets, the TH-01 top handle is attached, as well as the FF-02 follow focus. The position of the follow focus was chosen wisely, because the VMS-01 shoulder pad in the kit is quite high. When mounted on the bottom rails, the follow focus might not be able to reach the lens, thus making focus transitions impossible.

Also included in the kit is the TS-02 tele lens support. This simple clamp helps reducing tension on the lens mount and additionally fixes the lens with a rubber belt. This belt prevents twisting and rotation of the camera when used in combination with a follow focus.

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dimensions: approx. 600 x 270 x 300 mm
weight: approx. 4,3 kg