Adjustable height raiser clamp for 15mm rods.

Just like the HRC-01, the AHRC-01 can be used to raise or lower 15mm rods.

The main difference of the AHRC-01 is being tiltable to the sides. The overall tilting angle is 40 degrees which makes tilting by 20 degrees to each side possible. The height raising is limited to the tilting degree and reaches a maximum of 30mm when the clamp is not tilted. Of course the clamp can also be used to lower the rods, too.

When placed between a base plate and a shoulder pad, the tilting can help reaching better comfort when the user has slim or broad shoulders. This is not limited to Lanparte rigs only but can be used with any rig that utilizes 15mm rods.

Tilting is locked by a single green wing screw. Rods are locked by wing screws as well.

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dimensions: approx. 80 x 77 x 29 mm (measured in untilted state)
weight: approx. 88 grams