15mm rod connector with one ARRI style rosette.

A simple yet handy adapter with ARRI style rosette and M6 connecting thread.

The Lanparte ARL-01-T-S adapter can be mounted on any rig with 15mm rods. The ARRI style rosette is made from stainless steel and features a female M6 connecting thread. The teeth of the adapter allow positioning your ARRI rosette compatible accessory in a very flexible way. These teeth also guarantee that your accessory will stay in place, as long as the locking screw remains in locked position. You can mount any ARRI compatible accessory on the ARL-01T-S adapter, like magic arms, EVF holders or handles. Just keep in mind that the thread is M6 and not 1/4 inch UNC as it can be found sometimes in the wild.

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dimensions: approx. 43 x 31 x 37 mm
connecting thread: M6
weight: approx. 55 grams