Height adjustable c-bracket for top handle mounting.

The Lanparte CA-01 c-bracket is a c-shaped connector that can be attached to any rig with 15mm rods.

The c-brackets main purpose is giving the user the ability to mount a top handle on top of the rig. It features a 15mm rod support on top, which can be combined with the Lanparte TH-01 top handle or any other handle that can be mounted on this type of rods. Next to the 15mm rod support is a cold shoe for microphone mounting as well as some threads for mounting ball heads or magic arms. This makes mounting a field monitor or an EVF possible.

The inner height is adjustable by a very simple, yet clever mechanism. Instead of relying on surface pressure, Lanparte uses small teeth on both sides which engage with each other, when the locking screw is tightened. By extending the top part of the c-bracket, more space becomes available for mounting a bigger camera (although cameras with a battery grip will still not fit).

The top rods can be swinged out to the right by releasing the black knob screw next to them, this way allowing for better access to the camera (for adjusting or removing the camera from the rig).

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dimensions: approx. 210 x 240 x 40mm
approx. 210 x 275 x 40 mm (full extended)
inner height: min. 165 mm
max. 200 mm
weight: approx. 460 grams