Offset connector clamp for 15mm rods.

By using an offset connector like the Lanparte OFC-01, 15mm rods can be transfered to the side making special rig designs possible.

The Lanparte OFC-01 offset connector is sometimes refered to as a z-connector, although its shape does not resemble this character. It is entirely made of anodized aluminium and can be mounted on a pair of 15mm rods. On the other side, an additional pair of 15mm rods can be mounted. This way it is possible to offset rods to the side, bringing a base plate (and the camera) in front of the users face.

An offset connector is required when an optical viewfinder is planed to be used with the camera (or if the cameras electronic viewfinder need to be useable). The OFC-01 transfers the rods by 100mm to the side and because of its shape, by 50mm to the top. It is possible to lower the rods by 50mm too, just by turning the OFC-01 around.

There is also an adjustable version of this connector available, OFC-02.

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dimensions: approx. 185 x 75 x 14 mm
weight: approx. 100 grams